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RCCL Enchantment Of The Seas cruiseliner

Ports Visited: Port Canaveral, Nassau, CocoCay, return to Port Canaveral


Bars N Bands N Brothers Oh My! 

 One of the toughest parts of being an entertainer is the travel.  There are times when you just want to sit still, but you can't.  It's like being a hamster on a wheel you just have to keep pushing.  The only thing keeping you going is your passion for what you do (and your bank account).  My booker sent me on a midwest trek to Rockville, IN.  Typically anything with a "-ville" at the end of it means "Country as Hell"...this weekend was no exception.  Actually, I take that back.  It was EXCEPTIONALLY…Read more

Mixin' it up at Mixers 

This month I took on an especially out of the way show in a lovely place called Mixers Ultra Lounge in West Plains, Missouri.  West Plains holds the dubious distinction of being at LEAST 80mi away from any given airport in any direction of the country, which is really hard to do in the midwest!  HOWEVER, they were easily some of the nicest most outgoing people I've ever met on the road.
At first I honestly didn't know what to expect out of the evening.  I kept getting more and more lost on my way to the…Read more

My Sister Aleks 

Recently while visiting Chicago I had a chance to catch up with my sister Sasha (Serbian for Aleksandra).  Aleks and I are super close.  We like the same music, hate on the same people, and we both do kick-ass Cher impressions (I'm an entertainer, she has NO excuse! lol).  She doesn't like me to film her or take pictures of her because she swears I have an uncanny ability to capture her at the wrong place at the wrong time all the time (See Blog entry: Surprising My Mama). Well THIS time, I waited until her…Read more

Chocolate Covered Bacon and New Friends! 

I recently performed in Oregon again, which is always an adventure.  I have yet to go to any city in the state that hasn't given me something fun to talk about.  This time I was in Medford, and the hotel we were at gave me my own driver since I was the entertainer for the weekend, and he took me around to some places that are world famous (that I had never heard of yet), and I had some damn Chocolate Covered BACON!!!  Sorry, I just had to get to it...

First we went to Lilly Belle Farms!  This is the spot…Read more

Los Angeles (Hangin' with C.O.A.S.T.A.L. and Leo Flowers) 

Every comic has to gain a foothold in the LA scene if they want to make it in this industry.  I'm just starting to get my feet wet.  I haven't made the move yet because I prefer the surroundings of the country for living.  I'll VISIT anywhere though.  See, LA is like this attractive girl that you get infatuated with on your first date, then decide to move in with her WAY too soon.  So what happens when you get in your first argument?  You want to get away from this person but now you can't, not without…Read more


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Alvin Williams - As Himself (2017) [Parental Advisory]

Alvin Williams - As Himself (2017) [Parental Advisory]