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NCL Jade cruiseliner

Ports visited: Miami, Bonaire, Oranjestad, Willemstad (Curacao), Return to Miami



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Jokers Comedy Club



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Best Western Plus Conference Center



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Liquid Laughs Comedy Club



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RCCL Enchantment Of The Seas cruiseliner

Ports Visited: Port Canaveral, Nassau, CocoCay, return to Port Canaveral


Patience vs. Initiative 8/29/17 

  Patience doesn't make you lazy, just like initiative doesn't make you desperate. But somewhere between patience and initiative lies the truth. Be honest with yourself about the path you chose to meet your goals, and why it was chosen.  If you haven't gotten to where you want to be, either work harder or stress less. Adjust as needed. Repeat.



A Performer's Guide To Handling Rejection 8/15/17 

  Rejection means nothing to me emotionally anymore. I don't take it personal, because I don't feel it's ever permanent. No I'm not a sociopath, I'm just a comedian. This is our life. Most of the noes we hear are temporary.  Things change. Quickly. Just take advantage of the moments when they change, and never be caught off-guard. When they say you have to develop thick skin to be a comedian, they are not just referring to being on stage. The thick skin is needed mostly for what you encounter daily…

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Know Your Worth 8/8/17 

  People don't like to admit it, but it's so much easier to just be...comfortable. It's almost relaxing to accept less than what you deserve in life, than to chase after the highest dream you wish to acheive without a safety net. I, for one, am guilty of this comfort seeking behavior often. Taking jobs that paid more but made me feel empty inside over comedy gigs that could have inched me closer to my true goals sooner. Not entering comedy contests because of how much losing in previous contests had…

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The System 6/6/17 

Another proposed unlawful tax bill. Another threat of war. Another minority shooting. Facebook users are outraged... 

I don't even have to read the paper this morning or see my online feed to know that everything I just said happened today in America. 

These are trying times in the country I love. I have never seen people so divided over...well, everything! I often become discouraged just thinking about it: Rich vs. Poor. Black vs Police. Christian vs. Muslim.  Men vs. Women. Gay vs. Transgender…

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Support Your Family Artists 5/20/17 

Cleaning out my closet at home and found this note from Christmas 2008. I was one year out of college, one year into my comedy career, unemployed, crazy broke and in debt collection. But there was never a time where I didn't have the support of my entire family to follow my dream, no matter how ridiculous I looked at that time. That's why I kept this note. So one day I could look back and say I proved them right. Now I couldn't imagine a better life for myself than the path I chose! Always support the…

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Alvin Williams - As Himself (2017) [Parental Advisory]

Alvin Williams - As Himself (2017) [Parental Advisory]