Six-Pack Abs 11/7/18

Story Time: I once met this 20yr old performer in a bar after my show on a cruise ship. He had six-pack abs. They were busting through his shirt. He wasn't showing off, it was just how the guy was built honestly. He was an aerialist. All aerialists are muscles with eyebrows.  Great kid too!  But he wasn't confident around women. He told me in confidence that he just "felt awkward and never knew what to say to girls."

I smirked, pointed to his stomach and said "Worry about having a personality when those go away. Until then, just don't talk. Trust me! Chicks dig mystery." Then we high-fived and laughed ?...Funny thing is, he actually had a great personality, but I needed some type of advantage if this dude was gonna be standing next to me making me look outta shape in front of all these women! I met a great girl that night. He didn't. If you ask me, he probably should've talked more. Speak Up Dummy! Lol But if he had, I would've alerted security of an underage kid drinking at the bar ???...SAVAGE!!! ? 

My point is: Know your strengths, and don't look to other people to validate you. Because if you do, you'll probably find yourself worse off than if you would've just believed in yourself from the start.


? Also, Your mind can take you places that abs alone cannot. #Knowledge

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