Christmas in Havana! 5/3/17

Hello All!

My entire 2017 tour schedule from now through the end of the year is now available online, so make your plans accordingly! To put the cherry on top I will be closing out the year performing onboard the…

Time To Be You. 3/7/17

If someone told you when you were 5 yrs old what you would grow up to be...What would you be right now? 

There are some people wired in life to go toward whatever they are told. Others will do…


Find Your Worry 2/8/17

At first you worry about your next meal. 

Then you worry about your next step. 

Then you worry about staying on top. 

Then you worry about your legacy. 

Then you worry about how the ones who come…


Your New Life 1/25/17

Your life is whatever you tell it to be. So be nice, because it's easily influenced by your thoughts and doesn't always respond well to tough love. Tell your life it's important. Tell it how much it means to you…


Headlining The Denver Improv April 5th! 1/19/17

Attention Colorado Peeps!  I'll be back at my old stomping grounds early this year for a brand new show at The Denver Improv on Wednesday, April 5th!  One night only!  NO EXCUSES, get your babysitters lined up right NOW! :)  …

I'm A Failure 12/31/16

I'm a failure.

I've failed to listen to doubters.

Failed to give in to fear.

Failed to believe I wasn't different.

Failed to take an ordinary path.

And I'm nowhere near done.

When it's all over, I hope my life…


The Dream 12/16/16

I had a dream unlike any other last night. 

I often fear sleep because my dreams are so lucid and often times they are car accidents, plane accidents, and past relationships gone awry. I would say five nights a…


Greatness is Inevitable. 10/13/16

...I don't hope for greatness. I hope for one more day. Every day. Just keep giving me those days. Greatness is in one of those days, I know it. I swear I can see it. What I don't know is…