"...So I'm Single (Applause)" 8/6/16

  So you're probably a fairly savvy fan of comedy now if you've gotten to the point of reading a comic's blog after seeing a live show. I bet your Netflix queue is stacked with new stand-up specials! I recommend Jim…

Driven w/Steve Marek Podcast 7/28/16

Hello All!

What an amazing summer it's been for me! I've gotten to travel the world and come back home to some great shows on both land and sea! While in Arizona I had an opportunity to catch up with…

Innocent Lives Matter 7/8/16

  I hurt for my people today... 

 My people are my friends and family, along with my brothers and sisters being killed. All of them. In Louisiana. In Minnesota. In my hometown of Chicago. In Dallas. In this whole country…

New Album Release!!! 2/17/16

Hello Everyone! I have officially released my new album Because I Can online and it is available for download HERE! As a promotion I am selling downloads of the album for $5 until 3/1/16, where it will go back…


Where My Jokes Come From 1/3/16

I get asked about my process quite often. How I come up with my jokes. Are they really true. How often do I change them up.

Soooo, here's my answers for anyone still curious: 



Are You Happy? Y/N 12/29/15


Have you ever seen that internet meme of Morpheus where he asks you to take the Red Pill to right all the mistakes of your past, or take the Blue Pill and receive a huge sum of cash? I…

The Heist 12/10/15

Welp, my car got broken into. The perpetrator rummaged through all of my belongings, and made out with my checkbooks. Yes, my checkbooks. The perpetrator also went through the back of my car and into the spare tire well, because…

New 2016 Calendar Dates!!!

Well it's been entirely too long since I've updated my blog.  I think the last time I did...people still blogged.  I'll catch up to everybody else pretty soon with technology but until then, this post is definitely worth the tech-shame…

New Album Released Today!!!

Hello Everyone!

It's been 5 years since I released a comedy album, and today is FINALLY the day where I get to reset the clock!  My new album I Hope You're Happy just released today and I've never been more…