Los Angeles (Hangin' with C.O.A.S.T.A.L. and Leo Flowers)

Every comic has to gain a foothold in the LA scene if they want to make it in this industry.  I'm just starting to get my feet wet.  I haven't made the move yet because I prefer the surroundings of the country for living.  I'll VISIT anywhere though.  See, LA is like this attractive girl that you get infatuated with on your first date, then decide to move in with her WAY too soon.  So what happens when you get in your first argument?  You want to get away from this person but now you can't, not without losing everything.  I maintain that the best part about performing in LA for me is that I get to go back home.  I live in Idaho, and quite honestly, can you blame me?  Cost of living is strangely cheap, and all the white guilt you can handle (people are always apologizing to me if they think I was offended by something they said, which I never am, I just think it's funny to watch em sweat!), and no traffic, EVER!  Unless a deer decides to get all uppity and just stand there in the middle of the road.  It happens here, kinda creepy too. 

I maintain that deer and streetlights are mutually exclusive items:  If you see one, you shouldn't be seeing the other.  Yet when I lived in Boise, ID, I was 2 blocks away from my house one night around 2am and saw FIVE deer...on the SIDEWALK.  One of the deer had ventured into the street, and the other ones were just watching (I would also like to point out that the deer used the crosswalk and waited for the green light.  I am not under any circumstances exaggerating what I saw.)  It looked like they couldn't make their mind up which club to got to or something, and the one that went started walking like "Fuck it!  I'm goin to Hannah's!" (that's a Boise joke, don't worry about it)  I was on the phone at the time and I just paused.  I think I was more freightened by the fact that the deer were so smart!  Another side effect of living in Idaho is that you think stories about wildlife are interesting to other people...My bad.  Moving on to my most recent LA trip: 

I performed at The Ice House in Pasadena for the weekend, and had the chance to perform with the talented Michael Loftus.  He was a writer on The George Lopez show, as well as Outsourced.  He looks a hell of a lot like Stephen Colbert, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't him, even though he's just as funny.  When I first got booked for the show, the booker told me I had to be clean.  I can be clean, it's just not as fun really :)  But it turns out that their version of clean isn't too restrictive at all.  I've performed at churches, birthday parties, and banquets that I didn't know kids were going to be at until 5min beforehand...THAT'S clean.  Not just "Don't say fuck more than once".  THIS I could handle.  While I was there a funny thing happened:

My cousins are from the group C.O.A.S.T.A.L.  If you haven't heard of them, you will, and then you'll look back at this blog and be like "I didn't know they were related!"  We are.  And they'll be coming to your town probably before I do, so keep up with em at www.myspace.com/coastaltrax and you'll be one of those people who acts like they're up on everything before everyone else...that's why you're HERE ain't it? :) 

I don't get to see my family much, so I invited them to my show one night and they let me tag along with them for some of their record company meetings the next morning.  While I was in town I also got to catch up with one of my friends from high school, which you're probably used to seeing me do by now.  Resheida Brady, my Lincoln Park sweetheart from back in the day.  We were all chillin in the green room when we met one of the comics on the bill that night who was doin a guest spot gearing up for Lopez Tonight.  Leo Flowers.  Leo is funny as HELL.  You've probly seen him before on tv, or if you're bald, I'm pret-ty sure he's the guy on the front of the HeadLube products at WalMart (I don't have to say his name anymore you can watch the vid, he'll take it from here!)...

Anyway, there you have it.  The green room was ALL Chicago, in LA.  And whenever you get a chance to visit LA, check out the Ice House Comedy Club.  Who knows, maybe you'll see me there when you go...:)

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