Party Like It's 1992!

  Food For Thought:  Yesterday night I was watching a recording of the '92 Presidential Town Hall Debate on C-Span (because I just turned 28 years old and that's what us adults ages 28-50 DO on Saturday Night!), eating my gummybear coke bottles (What?...I'm 28 not 50), and I realized something that most people often times seem to overlook.  These are NOT new issues we are dealing with in our country.  The Republican incumbent President Bush (the origimous, more smarterly one as his son might describe him),  Democratic Arkansas Governer Bill Clinton (a.k.a. John Travolta in Primary Colors), and Independent Texas oil man Ross Perot (remember HIM?!  What a TREAT!), all in their double-breasted suit jackets discussing the pressing issues of their time.  Funny thing was, if you're an 18 yr old who didn't know who these people were (This is America, it's possible), and you had your eyes closed so that you couldn't see the big perms, mullets and mustaches that filled the town hall arena (which I HIGHLY recommend) would swear they were debating in 2012!  (Damn...Guess I met my parenthesis quota in the first paragraph...Looks like this is gonna be a short, very straight-forward post!)

Bush: "Don't like ME?  Set your watches to 8 years from now...bitches."

 Now I don't talk much about politics.  Mainly because I like having friends.  Let's be honest, unless you yourself hold a political office, or are deeply involved in the political process YEAR-ROUND, you should really cool it on the bbq-debates.  Don't get me wrong, as a U.S. citizen it is your RIGHT to express yourself with speech, just remember where you're at.  We're here to have some hotlinks and beer, not hear about your views on domestic policy.  I find it pointless to be so passionate about something for 3 months every 4 years, and then not care to mention it again.  That's a mentality best served for the Olympics, or Madonna albums.

So as I was saying, the political issues in this country are static.  The Economy, Taxes, Civil Rights, and War.  Ok, we agree so far, right?  NOW, here are every presidential candidate's answers to these issues since the beginning of time, ready?

"I'm going to strengthen the economy, lower taxes, fight for civil rights, and keep our troops out of (unnecessary) war...I will also stop using parenthesis, eventually."

Look, bottom line is the only difference between then and now is that you have a 1 in 2 chance of being completely wrong about your choice.  Back then, it was 1 in 3.  Perot DID have some good arguments though.  If only Super Pacs were available back then he would've had a Mitt's Chance at the presidency.  Just remember you've got about 2 weeks left before you're gonna have to deal with WHOEVER is president.  So don't lose friends over somebody who might not be in your life again 4 years from now.  We vote in secret ballot form for a reason.  Now get out there and Rock The Vote like it's 1992, and feel free to excercise your right to keep your political opinions to yourself on Facebook...Your boss is stalking you.

...I'm Alvin Williams and I approve this message!

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