Your New Life 1/25/17

Your life is whatever you tell it to be. So be nice, because it's easily influenced by your thoughts and doesn't always respond well to tough love. Tell your life it's important. Tell it how much it means to you. Tell Life it's FUN, and full of surprises! Life wants to please you. Life LOVES changing its appearance for you to spice things up, so be appreciative. Acknowledge and embrace those changes when they come. I've heard stories that it may throw things at you, but I'm almost positive that in those moments it just needed more of your attention...Yes, life can be needy, but so are you. You deserve each other. So be honest with life, and tell it everything you want it to be from the beginning. Life will love you for it, and in the end, you will proudly be able to say that you truly loved your life :)

-Alvin Williams 

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